Making your own teeth impressions is simple.

Today, with the advent of our Personal Impression Kit, it's possible to take your own teeth impression usually taking less than fifteen minutes for both the upper and lower teeth. Just drop the kit along with your impressions in the mail to our lab, the same lab dentists and orthodontists use, yet costing 60-90% less...eliminating the need for a D.D.S. to fit a pair of Wire Retainers, Clear Retainers, Night Guards, or even Partial Dentures! All you have to provide us is your teeth impression...

This site the web portion of a 30 year old lab that has serviced over 800 dentists & orthodontists. Until recently, customized dental appliances were available to the public only through your dentist. This was largely due to the level of skill in taking one's teeth impression, the impression required to cast a model and create customized mouthpieces. Most dentists send teeth IMPRESSIONS to dental labs to be cast, modeled, & customized into form fitting oral appliances delivered back to the patient a few weeks later. Typically, the cost for upper & lower retainers range between $500.00 and $800.00!

YourTeeth's founder has been in the dental and orthodontic industry for 30+ years and has done dental lab work for HUNDREDS of dentists & orthodontists all over the United States. His years of work and research for the dental/orthodontic community has yielded the finest process and products available.

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Thank you so much for my new partial! It's beautiful and fits perfectly! Your company's service has been excellent and I sincerely appreciate it! Best, Allisha O., Rancho Cordova CA Sent from my iPhone

Monday, December 8, 2014 2:19 PM Allisha O., Rancho Cordova CALIFORNIA

Thank you, I have had my retainers for about a month now and they are working great! Thank you for you excellent service and workmanship. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thanks again,

Thursday, May 22, 2014 6:29 PM Jessica Yamaguchi, Matsusaka Mie JAPAN
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